9 October 2006

Video - Our new pup Didi playing with Judy

Didi our new Daschund pup (she's a wirehaired/smooth haired cross) is settling in nicely with our other dogs.

Max the Border Collie was great, but bared his teeth a bit when Didi got a bit too silly. She's now started to behave and he's her big best friend. Bonnie our other wire haired Daschund was jealous at first, snapped at Didi and sulked in her bed for two weeks, but they've started playing together and it's great to see them scrapping. Judy is a big Griffon Vendéen and totaly ignored Didi up until a few days ago, when, much to our delight, they started playing!

All our dogs work. Max is a fine example of a keen and intelligent sheepdog and thankfully he's great with our Angora goats too. Didi is being trained by Fabrice to hunt rabbits and she'll join Judy and Bonnie in the Wild Boar hunt when she's ready.

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