19 November 2006

Adding an extension to the house.

Now that we've finished the terrace around the East and South part of the house, we've started to build the extension. This will give us more space (finally!) for storing our fleeces, sorting and packing and enough room for me for knitting in comfort. We'll also use the room for seminars and workshops.

House extension going up

The tower above the main part of the house will have two extra bedrooms.

Building phase 11 at Sourrou BourrouThe framework goes up, the stone will be added to match the existingExtension from the pond

The stone cladding will be added after the walls have dried and once the roof is on we'll insulate the interior with goat and sheeps' wool.Using bottles as insulation
In the original part of the house we used straw bales under the floors for insulation. This works well, but for the extension we're using a layer of empty bottles which should provide us with a good sound surface and the insulation values should be about the same.

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