20 December 2006

Basket of socks for Christmas

Basket of socks 1
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The cold snap has arrived just in time !

I've just finished knitting enough socks and shawls for Christmas (I hope !) the first batch went off to the UK on Monday and these are for local people who call in here to buy things.

These socks are the best I've ever worn and most of our customers come back for more.

I'll post instructions of how to make them on the machine ( A pair takes about an hour.) when I've finished knitting.



ooo i like this post.I have a thing about socks.. now that is something i never tried mking before......so do you sell them online anywhere?

everytime i come here you have redecorated your blog.... lol i am watching oil prices too,,, getting worrisome.

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

They're very easy to make on four needles or two and on the machine they're really quick.

I don't have an on-line shop, I just take orders from people, and send them to anywhere in the world.

I don't want to expand, and in France taking on an employee is an enormous expense so it's all done in a very low-key way and I'm quite happy with that.


JwestonD said...

I would like to buy some socks from you, I cycle to work everyday (22km) through rain and snow, and I've just about run out of good quality wool socks. I tried knitting some myself, but didn't get very far (thin wool).

My Email address is weston405@hotmail.com

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