14 December 2006

Peggy's only surviving piglet.

Peggy's comfortable but on antibiotics to control the infection and her milk is infected too, so this wee fellow had to come inside for the warmth because without brothers and sisters to cuddle up to he'd die of hypothermia.

It was touch and go with him last night, but he's plumping up and he screamed the house down to be fed at 5 this morning, so he might pull through.

I've been worrying about him not feeding well, but I found this out thanks to Google: "The sow has an exceptionally strong control of milk ejection and a number of studies have shown that the duration of milk flow is only 10 to 20 seconds. The average nursing interval is less than 1 hour, so that the suckling piglet normally receives more than 24 feedings daily. The nursing frequency tends to decrease with the advance of lactation."

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