3 January 2007

Happy New Year !

We don't celebrate Christmas although we enjoy the winter sostice and having the house filled with candles and our larders full of goodies for the coming year. Our first Winter celebration is Christiane's (Fabrice's Aunt) birthday party and from then on it's the time of the year when we're allowed to taste all the wonderful things we've made from the food from our garden, from our animals and from the game Fabrice has hunted throughout the year.

On the 22nd December, we had a little solstice celebration, then a very quiet Christmas day with far too much too eat and our close friends around us. On the 27th December, we took Yan & Estelle to Périgueux on the first part of their journey to Thailand. They'll return to Boutet in February. They've promised to send photos from Thailand and keep us informed about their trip, and so far the e-mails we've had have given me very itchy feet and made me realize how much I'd love to travel again.

Our New Year celebrations were pretty classic, a huge party in the village with lots of people, an amazing amount of food and booze, jolliment and lots of fun !!!

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