8 February 2007

History lessons from a metal detecting friend.

Roman coin found in Bourrou by Fabrice's Grandmother
Roman coin Carus, found in Bourrou by Fabrice's Grandmother

Some friends of ours (our tenants Yan and Estelle) have gone to Thailand for a few months and left a friend of theirs Mickael, here to look after their dogs.

He's a passionate forager (of the metal detector kind) and he's found a lot of interesting things on our land.

This coin was found by Fabrice's grandmother (Who was born in Bourrou) and Michael's identified it as a coin minted in 282BC during the reign of Carus, a Roman emperor. I've never been interested in this kind of thing, but over the past month or so, we've learned an amazing amount about the history of our area.

Here are some links to help you find out more about Carus:

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