18 February 2007

Preparing our pig meat for 2007

It's that time of the year again and although it's with very mixed feelings, we're pleased to be able to eat meat prepared from our pigs who have had an open-air and happy life.

The chops and a few of the best cuts for grilling on the barbeque went straight into the freezer, but we try to have as much as we can prepared for storing by salting and either air drying or smoking.

We also prepared a lot of paté, rolled meat and grattons to be sterilised in as "ready meals" in Kilner jars. Here are some of the jars after they came out of the boiler. We spent all weekend cutting and tying and boiling and packing, and cleaning the kitchen took a while too! The results are well worth it and now we've got enough pork to last at least a year.

It's nice not having to go out shopping to buy lardons, bacon, sausages, black pudding, jambon, pork chops etc. and we've enough rolled pork skin to make gallons of soup. The taste of the meat is superb and of course, nothing was wasted.

Merci Marçel.

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