16 March 2007

The foundations for the Russian stove (poele de masse) and the uprights are done

The weather's been great.

We've been getting on with the extension and I'm doing my best to tackle the garden between major jobs;

We've done the foundations for the stove and shuttered and poured the uprights for the supporting walls for the upper two bedrooms.

The stove will go between the two uprights in the photograph.

We've coated the bottom of the walls a fine cement mix then with bitumen up to ground level to keep out the damp. The drainage pipes are in place too and we'll connect them up tomorrow.


Mousie said...

your life looks so beautiful, true, full of hope...reminds me of the sixties...I was 22 in 1968!!
but mustn't be easy everyday...work well, go on, so nice to watch you...
and take care of your backs!!
Love from Mousie who brought you some nice herbal tea

Fabrice et Irene said...

Backs - ahhh, mine's only just getting back to normal after the goat shearing -and I'm only a young thing!

I'm still trying to think of who you are Mousie....???

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