15 March 2007

The hams have been 44 days in salt.

Yesterday evening, we took our hams out to clean and pepper them and wait yet another couple of weeks for them to air dry before we can finally taste the ham.

The Copa is still out of bounds too.

Ho hum...

This is an update to show you the ham opened after about a month of air drying outside on the West side (where the wind comes from mostly) of our covered terrace.

Starting the new ham

It's less fatty than our last ham and a lovely colour and should last a good few months if we don't go too mad. We keep checking the other one to make sure it's OK. It's been very wet here and we had to put a bit more pepper around the area where the meat joins the bone. The gauze wrapper is still intact and keeping the flies out. All being well we'll start to cut it just in time for Christmas.

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