25 March 2007

White Oxalis (Wood Sorrel) from Fabrice

Fabrice went out into the woods very early this morning with the dogs and brought me back this little parcel of Wood Sorrel complete with roots to plant in the woods next to the house.

He found a patch with hundreds of plants, all in full bloom. I wish I'd gone with him.

I gardened like mad all day in the drizzle.

One of the things I did was clear all the bloomin' mint that's escaped and rooted around a plant pot of it I'd buried in the ground (to stop it spreading) and trying to lever the pot out has done my back in.

We spent the late afternoon with a neighbour, again in the woods and picked up a load of lightbulbs somebody had dumped and collected bits of black plastic which dogs, foxes or badgers had strewn all over the place. People are just so uncaring sometimes.

The high point of the walk was seeing our neighbour's new palombier. He's still working on it - a really impressive 14 metre high structure which makes me giddy just looking up at it. I should have taken my camera!

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