9 March 2007

A walk in the woods

We've finished shearing the goats and we've had a day in the forest.

We walked down to the cabin with the dogs, cleared the lake, looked at the soaking wet garden down there, decided we could do nothing there, so we cleared the leaves out of the pond and cleaned the stream.

We found yet another deer which had probably been hit by a car. It had a front leg and a back leg broken and thigh injuries. A female, two years old and pregnant, she had dragged herself up towards the woods at Boutet where she died.

This year we've seen a record number of animals die in this way. Fabrice does not mind being called out to track injured animals (Bonnie is an excellent tracker) and if he is not available then another gamekeeper will come out. This is a free service and the identity of the caller need not be revealed.

The smell of freshness in the forest is wonderful and the colours are really very special.

Wild Cherry with fungi
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