5 March 2007

Winter solstice light in the kitchen.

The light in the house has been amazing over the past few weeks with the winter sun coming right in and bathing the floors with colour and warmth. The winter solstice sun was a real treat.
I'm really pleased with the new cover on the terrace. The angle of the shaded part and the clear covering are doing what they're designed to do - allow the sun into the house to warm the floor and furniture in winter and keep it out in the summer.

We cut the Acacia tree at the back of the house right back to let in more light, I'm so pleased we didn't destroy it when we were digging out the site. It gives a lot of shade in summer and it smells lovely when it's in flower.

After the wonderful sunny spell, we've had some much-needed rain. So, for the past week or so, we've been planning the extension. We've designed the back kitchen, which I'll use to dye my wool and where we can cook the pigs' and dogs' food and we've made a few decisions about seating and working areas. We've changed two windows (We'll change the plans once we've chosen the windows) and completed the design for the layout of water, heating and staircases.

We're still working out how to get the maximum of natural light into the extension. The solar orientation isn't as good as the original part of the house. We need a lot of light for working with the yarn and it's so cheerful when the house is light and warm in the middle of winter.


Karen said...

I want your kitchen it looks so homely

Fabrice et Irene said...

Yeah, but have you seen the muddy floor ?(oops!)

I've given up looking at the floor while the building work is in progress. ;-)

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

HHH, love your kitchen and your ceiling! I've been trying to fake a ceiling like that, but it will never be as lovely as your real thing! Permie Sweetpea

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Thanks Sweetpea,

I'm dying to ask how you can fake the ceiling but don't want to be rude !!

What is it you're doing ?

Irene x

alicia said...

I love everything I see on your blog! Would love to correspond more privately than through a blog. Possible? I live in San Francisco, California, but am planning to retire to the south of France very soon. I have a golden retriever and two mini dachshunds, and share many of your experiences with chickens, cats, permaculture, and a love of red! Also, I majored in photography in college.

You are a marvel and immensely talented. Will you write to me?

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi Alicia !

Where are you thinking of living in France - the Dordogne is fabulous with sun and water and we need more permaculture expertise here !

Send me an e-mail to the blog's address : Substitute the at for you know what.


Irene x

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