28 April 2007

The extension is almost ready for the chainage then the roof

We've been working on the house, filling the floor with bottles for insulation and packing them down with clay to make it solid. We need a bit more rain to wet the clay so that it sinks into place and we can walk on it without falling over.

Fabrice has finished putting the blocks up and the whole thing looks amazingly square and straight and very boring. We're still looking for a window for the front and hoping that we'll find something ideal and in proportion with the rest of the building or we may have one made especially. Some more small windows spaces can be cut easily out of the bricks later but we're still looking for nice ideas for them too and the walls provide us with shelter.

Bourrou, hardworkinghippy, extensionWhen we did the last part of the house we had to make temporary wooden windows covered with thick plastic, it was really uncomfortable working on the inside and being blasted by the wind. I used those windows later as covers for seeds in the garden.

Before we go any higher we have to screed the floor and let it dry so that we can move the scaffolding around easily inside to put up the roof and start building the tower.


Gledwood said...

Love that hens pic!

vin said...

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Fabrice et Irene said...
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Irene said...


I'm deeply honoured that you've left a message in my blog. Over the past few weeks I've visited yours thousands of times and I've learned so much from you !

Thanks for your time,


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