8 April 2007

First flowers of Lady Banks rose

Everything's moving in the garden.

The weather's been wonderful and we're having a lot of surprises and seeing old friends coming to life to welcome spring. This rose is one of my favourites. It was planted just three years ago and it has spread to almost cover the bank leading up to the gloriette. There are thousands of buds and they'll be open next week. I can hardly wait for the show!

As Peggy (our sow) has been cleaning up the land at the back of the house, we've been finding roots which are too lovely to burn, so we've used them to line the paths leading down to the little caravan.

In between planting, cleaning up the garden and building, we've been looking aound at how things are shaping up in the garden. The Kerria Japonica there is in full bloom this week. The flowers have lasted for ages, probably because they're in the shade for much of the day. There are hundreds of foxgloves pushing up ready for the early summer show. They shed millions of seeds and I spread them in the woods and all around the back of our garden in between the trees.


Mousie said...

oh I really love your blog, it's so full of life and of many small treasures...the toad is gorgeous...i took one in my hand the other day to put her back in the field, she was in the middle of the road, so many get run over by cars it's a pity they're useful animals and quite cute...the video with the goats is very good! I just don't understand why you don't have more comments in your blog...it's so refreshing and pleasant to visit
take care my young friends
love from Mousie

Fabrice et Irene said...

Thanks you so much Mousie, it's lovely to get nice comments about the blog.

I should post more things in it, do more publicity, post the URL all over the place, but I like things to grow gradually - they're usually stronger and last longer and I suppose a blog is no exception. :-) (I must add "finding smileys" to my list of things to do...)


gledwood said...

Hi I found this via Mousie's recommendation to one of our friends ...

Your photos remind me of where I used to live in Wales when I was much younger...

What a wonderful blog you have here. I'm putting you on my linxx list. You're welcome to visit me btw. Mine is very different more a kind of online "journal intime" -- is that the correct expression..??

Take care. Keep up the lovely blog.


Val said...

Hello all
I just love that lady banks rose!
Also the great video of the goats.....please tell me if its not too complicated!!! How do you add moving pics to a blog as I really like your site!
Its got to be one of the best blogs I've seen.
Also how many goats do you have?

Take care


Fabrice et Irene said...

Hi Val,

Putting in a videos isn't difficult, but it's complicated.

If you already have a video to show and a google account, then you're halfway there.

I'm just popping off for a minute to remind myself how it's done...get yourself a video and a google account and I'll post the rest later.

Val said...

Thankyou for the advice............I will give it a go!!!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks and blessings,

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