22 April 2007

Lady Banks rose (Rosa banksiae lutea) in flower

Rosa banksiae lutea, rose, climbing rose, hardworkinghippy, Bourrou
Glorious gloriette, originally uploaded by hardworkinghippy.

I know this is not really supposed to be a gardening blog, but one of the most important things in my life is growing things and I have to show you what this rose (planted only four years ago) looks like when it's in full bloom.

The idea for planting the rose on this bank was Andrew's, a friend of Fabrice's, who is a professional gardener in the UK and visits us regularly. I was looking for this rose for ages, then finally Yan (The spice man) sourced it for me from Issigeac Market.

The rose doesn't have much perfume, and only blooms once a year, but that's compensated for by it's lovely shiny, almost evergreen leaves, spreading habit and thornless stems. The Lady Banks rose is usually very long-lived. There's a white one in Arizona which is the largest Rose in the world with a spread of 740m², and a trunk circumference of over 4m.

If you click on the photograph above, you'll see more pics of our rose's development.


RUTH said...

I for one wont be complaining at seeing lots of beautiful plants and flowers.

inkandpen said...

I also enjoy the plant blogging, but then, that's how I found you in the first place-- I guess that makes me biased.

Rachelle Black said...

In perusing your site some more, oh, I do so wish you were much closer, I would love to buy some of your lovely fiber products, and perhaps have you work up some of my luscious alpaca fleece!
You do beautiful work!

Killi said...

I wonder if your Gardener Andrew is the same Gardener Andrew I knew in Somerset. I gave a home to his black-brindled Gypsy Hunting Lurcher ~ a very distinctive dog who was stolen with his girly & 3 puppies from my yard (the pups were in the haybarn behind electrified chicken netting). It would be amazing if they were both the same.
Tigger was replaced in May with a Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya & I'm hoping against hope that he will never be taken ~ we've had 11 dogs taken & only 1 has found his way home, probably because he was only a young pup & was totally unsuitable for fighting (only reason I could think of as to why his tail was docked & his belly ripped open). Pup is a Beddy/BC X (well, he's 13 months now & his huge playmate, 11)

I love your blog, thank you.

Word verification: kingl ~ Borzoi's were the Tsar's private hounds ~ royal dogs, like Wolfies in England & Ireland

La Ferme de Sourrou said...


Nope, not the same Andrew !

Dog fighting - bloody awful thing to do !! How horrible !


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