5 April 2007

Midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans or Alyte accoucheur) found in the building sand.

This is the toad that makes the high pitched clook...clook...clook sound you can hear in the evenings. The toad got his name because the male helps the female to lay her eggs. He then carries the eggs until they turn into tadpoles.

This is a male, he certainly looks masculine enough. When we handled him he puffed himself up to twice his size. We put him back into a safer place, I hope he and his brood will be OK.

Have a look at this information from www.planetepassion.com HERE

In Chris' site, there's a little recording of the sound they make...clook...clook.

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RUTH said...

My dear blogfriend Mousie directed me to your site. This is so fascinating...I shall return when I have more time to read through all your posts.

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