17 April 2007

Chez nous it's Wisteria week !

The photographs in this post are of the Wisterias we've planted at the new house over the past five years. I think they are one of the essential ingredients in a romantic garden.

All of ours come from the same mother plant which I brought as a cutting from the UK 16 years ago and which is now entwined around our original gloriette at the cabin. Here's an interior view of the amazing trunk (Pleated when it was young enough to be supple.) which I imagine is now holding up the whole wooden structure.


Unfortunately, the original lost all her flower buds to a bad frost in the valley a couple of weeks ago, but these cuttings, growing in the milder area up the hill at the new house are a joy to behold - the perfume is really intoxicating.

The goat shed is covered in it Wisteria everywhere!
The chicken shed too Wisteria on the chicken shed 2007A misty morning in April with Wisteria

The trees are full of it Wisteria flowering after three years

The chickens love it.Garden wisteria near the home-made goat house

...and this up and coming four year-old specimen will grace the exterior of our new terrace one day. Here's hoping the chestnut uprights (planned for the job) are strong enough to support it in it's glorious maturity.

Wisteria close up


RUTH said...

What wonderful photos.

Rachelle Black said...

My dearest friend Mousie gave me your link. What a wonderful new place to visit!
I wish I had 100 acres, we have 20, and raise all kinds of things!
Do come visit, look a couple of months back to see some of my garden's treasures :))

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