27 April 2007

Path through the garden to the chicken house

This part of the potager is ready now for summer veg. I've run out of space here (I keep planting pretty inedible things - I can't help it !) so I've started moving the potager out a bit toward's Peggy's park. I might even claim her first park and we'll make her another big one further into the woods for Autumn and she can eat the acorns and chestnuts. (Peggy's our pig.)

That's the plan. But... we've got so much to do at the moment that it's difficult to do important things when so many things are urgent. Our follies are on hold, which is a shame because at this time of the year creativity for planting and deciding about where to put/make things is at it's height.

I've grown a lot of things from seed, but I was very late starting to plant them. So to get early vegetables, I've decided to buy some plants from a friend. He grows good varieties, he's Bio (Organic) and sells bread and a few plants in Vergt market every Friday. More details (Advertising even!) will appear on the right side of the blog when I get a minute to sort that out.

We've another potager down at the cabin with loads of space and running water where we grow Peggy's food and lots of things for bottling, but I do like being able to just pop out for half an hour or so in this garden, to do a wee bit here and and a wee bit there when I'm going to get something or when I'm collecting eggs. (Usually on the way back, when I've got a jumperfull...!!)

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