7 May 2007

Artificial insemination and our sow Peggy

The weather's been warm for the past few days and Peggy our sow has been enjoying her mud wallow which helps keep her external parasites under control, and which I'm sure is just really nice to do in the warmth of the late Spring sunshine.

Sow in her wallow, BourrouFabrice brought everything we need to inseminate Peggy. He's kept the sperm (in it's plastic bag) warm in his pocket for about twenty minutes. Peggy knows there's something going on, we keep checking up on her to make sure she's absolutely ready. The box with everything we need in it to do the deed arrived from COBIPORC this morning - just in time. (We hope!)

Preparation for artificial insemination

I learned how to do this from instruction written by Simon Longe who runs a website called Pigs in France You can read Simon's article HERE

What 'appens next is private. (As Ian Dury used to say...)

We'll let you know how things are going and hope that in 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days we'll have some good news.

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