24 June 2007

The beams for the first floor of the extension are almost finished

In between downpours, Fabrice has been slicing and cutting and lifting the beams to support the first floor of the extension. I'm very happy about the rain really because it means that I don't have to water the garden and our maize crop should be good if this changeable weather continues.

The rain will also help to weather the beams and make them look older, and it's good to give them a bit of time to settle in and dry out (They were only cut a few weeks ago.) before continuing with the walls and roof.

I took this photograph from the window which will become a door leading into the first floor. There will be a staircase to the left of this door, lined with cupboards and then a door leading into the bedroom, with another door leading into a space in the loft which will provide me with storage for raw wool, dying materials and yarn when it comes back from the spinners. At the moment all the spun yarn is in the main house taking up half a bedroom and I have to store the raw yarn in the old chicken shed which is far from ideal !

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