14 June 2007

Flowers and Chicks

This sort of plant association is an intoxicating "feel good" medicine - I love it! In here there's a mixture of miniature Roses, wild Pansies, Poppies and Deadnettles and a few other seedlings waiting in the wings to come up once the early flowers are past their best.

The veg plot is almost finished, ready to just grow and take care of itself and now I'm going to concentrate on getting in a few more flowers, cut the goats' toenails which are really growing fast, then help Fabrice to do a bit more building work - something which has been a bit neglectd since the weather has been so wet.
We've been waiting for materials and they arrived this morning, so now there's absolutely no excuse!

We've lot of lovely things coming up at the moment. This Clematis is one of my favourites, although I should have attached it better to the chicken shed because it's leaning over towards the light, too close to the path. I don't like fiddling with Clematis too much, I've had a few die on me after I touched the leaves. I must find out why that happens.

We've also got lots of chicks, although the percentage of unfertilised eggs is high. I usually make sure each hen has about a dozen eggs under her once she starts sitting, (We choose the best eggs in our own version of genetic engineering.) but, so far the most we've had is five chicks from a batch.

I went through a "pretty little hen" phase a few years ago and eventually gave them all away because we were overrun with fluffy little things that I didn't want to kill. Still, it would be nice to see how these little things hatched a couple of days ago from Yan's Pocelain Pekin bantam turn out...

George our Brahma cockerel's chicks are about twice the weight of these little things and a real mix of colours, with some almost completely gold and some gold, brown and black like this little fellow.

The bigger chicks seem more curious, and not so scared of us - possibly that comes from the Brahma temperament. George is a really gentle cock and has never shown the slightest signs of aggression, unlike some of the Marans youngsters we've reared over the past few years.


Mousie said...

aren't they cute!!!
give them a kiss
see you

Irene said...

Yes they sure are Mousie.

They're still tiny and new looking after 4 days.


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