19 June 2007

I just caught this view from the window today..

Looking from the extension to the front door at Sourrou...and I thought how nice it was.

It's strange when you're building. You can draw as many plans as you like, but you only get the real force of reclaiming land for your use when the walls start going up and you can see how things look; feel where the wind comes from, and watch how people, animals and cars move around the space.

Our front door is rarely used. Everyone come in the west side doors, straight into the kitchen and the tables under the porch all along the west wall are a dumping ground for anything that people happen to be carrying.
The result is that the entrance to our house always looks cluttered and messy with sacks of grain, tools, plants, wire, pots and pans and all the necessities of a farming life.

We have two horrible polytunnels at the back of the house which do the job of covering things we want to keep and I can see them being there for some time to come, but at least the exterior covered part of the extension will give us a dumping area and I can finally get rid of those bloomin' tables and put them out the back and reclaim the west side with the setting sun and cool breezes on hot summers' nights for a sitting and eating area - which was the original plan.

Musing on that, and seeing this little view from inside the extension is just enough to inspire and motivate us to put other things aside and get on with building!


Mousie said...

Still working hard aren't you?!!!
i came to wish you all a very very happy Solstice day...
pouring with rain here..
see you

Irene said...

Thanks Mousie !

It was raining here earlier, but it's now cloudy with sunny spells...(That just made me think of the sun fairy waving a magic wand)...:-)

Blessings to you and yours today too.


Moira said...

An inspiration! Your photos are delightful and educational too. Thanks.

Hoping you have a good run of sunshine with just the right amount of rain [at night!]


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