5 June 2007

That fallen tree is finally off the chicken shed roof, the Star Jasmine is in flower and we made a screen to hide the water butts

We had help to move the tree - some surprise visitors turned up who give us a hand. No damage was done and the Star Jasmine is absolutely in it's prime for this photograph - one of my favourites this week.
The walk down to the shed smells amazing, the Honeysuckle is still in flower and this Jasmine is throwing out a perfume which is heavenly.

Chickens weeding, no dig gardeningWe've also been making a new plot behind the chicken shed because I've run out of planting space. We mulched here last year, then again a few weeks ago, and I've planted courgettes and pumpkins and now after the rain the chickens are weeding and cleaning up the bugs from the soil, which has never been dug over.

All I ever do to make a new garden is clear the big roots like brambles and young trees, then I cover the whole area with a thick mulch. If any weeds do make it through the mulch, they're easy to pull up and the annuals weeds die because they don't get light.

Screen made from Chestnut regrowths hiding the water buttsI wanted to break this part of the veg plot up a bit to make the access easier and to make it prettier, so Fabrice helped me to make a screen to hide the water butts, the metal sides of the chicken shed and the compost heap. We started it on Wednesday, but then had an amazing storm with loads of rain, which filled up the three water buts in less than an hour!
So we sheltered in the chicken shed and cleaned out all the nesting boxes and tidied it up. I finished the screen yesterday and planted it up with rooted cuttings and they should cover it in no time.

Shaping a garden with chestnut cut on siteFabrice cut a little step from a tree root, making it easy for us and the dogs to use the path, rather than walking on the spaces between the veg (Soon there won't be any!) and the layout goes with the natural flow of how we use the garden.
I'll have to put up a few more sticks and wool to create a "psychological barrier" encouraging us to use the path, but I'll wait and see where we walk naturally to get from one part of the garden to another, then follow that shape and finally plant a hedge of permanent shrubs which will grow high enough to do the job just before the sticks and wool have rotted.

Here's an update on how the screen's coming along 2 months later. The Potato climber is now taking over - so much so that I might transplant it to somewhere where it can romp away and let the Clematis and Jasmine (the little green plant in the left corner) take over.

Screen almost covered by Potato climber planted 4th June 2007

The steps up to the bottom garden path

Here's another update on the screen in October, with a slideshow from Flickr:


Denni said...

Using chickens for weeding and bug control---priceless!

Found your blog via Flickr, and it's truly inspiring.

Karen said...

Irene I really enjoy looking at the pics of your garden. It always looks like you are helping things along rather than "managing" it. The sign of an expert I guess it looks effortless

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