11 July 2007

Courgettes and pumpkins

Pumpkins and courgettes are like a watched kettle, the less you watch them, the quicker they grow! So, while we were busy with other things, the pumpkin patches we have all over the place have been doing very nicely. Here are some lovely Potirons called White Boer which store well and are nice roasted. Fabrice planted these on a huge compost heap he made while he was clearing up the waste wood, chippings, sawdust and weeds around our wood pile.

We've only grown a few varieties from bought seeds. The ones kept from last year or swopped with friends will grow good food for the pigs. The little plants I put in the first photo below have turned into a huge mass of green as shown in the photograph underneath it.

Reclaiming more planting space
I only put in a few plants - honest !

We've also grown some Vegetable Spaghetti - not one of my favourite squashes - but Marie-Jeanne, one of our neighbours, gave me lots of seedlings and it's another good storer. I like covering the whole garden with just about anything that will grow, not just for the produce, but also to reduce the loss of water by providing shade and these plants are ideal for use on a new plot like this one, because the chickens spend a lot of time under the leafy canopy scratching for insects and fertilise it after it's been mulched.

I put the knobbly Potiron in the straw bale "cold frame" to try to avoid cross-pollination

This is the knobbly Potiron Galeuse d'Eysines that tastes great, planted in the cold frame to keep the flowers away from the others so they don't get cross-pollinated. That way, I can keep the seeds and be sure of getting the same plants next year.

The ones in the new part of the garden are probably hybrids from last year's seeds, but the pigs will love them and they're coming on nicely with all the rain we've had.

This non-stop rain is pleasing to some plants

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Mousie/Paisible said...

my dear landlady gave me a full bowl of courgette flower...i used some to decorate a salad, looks beautiful but tried fritters and was quite disappointed...no matter...I have eaten a dream that's the most important thing, and dreams are yummy...

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