9 July 2007

Hay making, tagging and dagging, sheep shearing and the vet

The time's passed so quickly over the past week or so.

This is the latest we've ever made hay - it's quite nerve wracking waiting for the rain to go off. We were lucky and got the hay cut, turned and baled on the only two consecutive dry days this month.

We've also been waiting for the shearer for our sheep - he finally came this morning, and in the afternoon the vet came to take the yearly blood samples from the goats and sheep. If only he'd come in the morning the sheep would have been easier to catch !

We'll sleep well tonight.


Karen said...

Hi Irene I know you're busy but I'm tagging you for the Bloggers for Positive Global Change meme you can read about it on my blog

Mousie said...

hello everybody...just popping to see if you were OK...I'm amazed with limescale...what an amount of it...
all the best
Mousie back to jam making

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