9 August 2007

RIP Arthur the Mynah Bird

We've had Arthur for about five years, although he was about nine when he came to live with us from Chrissi, a friend who went back from France to live in England.

He was bilingual, with a posh English voice and a very working class French voice (A bit like me really...) He had a great vocabulary, could whistle the first few bars of the Marseillaise and laughed when we laughed.

Arthur was a girl, he laid two lovely blue eggs which are in my remembrance corner.

He was a great character and we miss him.

One of my Flickr friends sent me this poem for him:

"Little sweet wandering soul,
our guest and companion,
in what pale, stark, naked places will you go now
where you won't joke as you like?"

RIP Arthur et au revoir.


Breezy said...

sorry for your loss

Irene said...

Thanks Breezy.

It's strange not having him around.

I really miss his wolf whistles and silly chuckles.

Mousie/Paisible said...

sweet little bird is gone, he has had such a happy life with you...he'll always sing in your dreams...

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