26 September 2007

I'm off to England, then to Wales for a few days.

My dog Max seems to sense the atmosphere when I'm getting ready to go away. I haven't left home for more than two years but after a long time of looking after Fabrice's uncle and getting on with all the things we need to do I here, I really do need a holiday.

I'm going to stay with some good friends who live near my old stomping ground in Essex, England then I'm meeting up with Ali one of my wonderful internet friends and we're driving down to Wales to a very important wedding which will be attended by at least a dozen women I've been in contact with almost daily on the 'net for the past few years.

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone - some for the first time. I'll be back on Monday.



well i been looking through the last few entries here and have to say you DESERVE a break... take your camera mind you..... :)

have fun and thanks for another good read.

i do have a question tho....what is your take on Peak Oil???

La Ferme de Sourrou said...
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La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Peak oil...hmm.

That's a difficult one. All I can say is that we've known for a long time that we can't go on like this and the crunch had to come and here it is and now what?

I don't often post about the "Big Issues" like Peak Oil and the environment but for Monday 15th which is Blog Action Day, I'll try to put together something which sums up how I feel and I guess Peak Oil will be in there somewhere !

Thanks for your comments. :-)

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