19 October 2007

Wood pigeon for supper !

The Palombe season is in full swing and chez nous you can see masses of pigeons pass in clouds three or four times a day. I don't think I've ever seem so many birds in one flight as I have this year.

Fabrice has been visiting palombiers, (Shooting towers in the trees.) and he's taken some photographs for me. This is one of them - but don't look down !

Two of our neighbours have built a new Palombière which is 14 metres high. They've spent all summer cutting long straight pine trees, manipulating them round a huge Oak tree, attaching the beams and getting everything into place. It's a real labour of love. They've built a little hut on top and put branches and fern around to hide the structure and themselves. Fabrice was asked to join them on Saturday morning and between three of them, they got seven palombe- which is a pretty good morning's hunting.

These are beautiful well-fed birds who may well have landed in a cornfield where they're a lot of uncollected cobs and corn left after the machine had done it's job. There's a lot of "waste" when the corn's gathered, but none of the corn gets wasted at all really.

When we plucked and gutted these two birds they were full of corn and in perfect condition.

I cooked them the evening they were killed. I used duck fat the brown them, turning often on a very high heat. Then I removed the birds and used the pan to brown the last of the garden potatoes which I then put into the oven to finish cooking. I put the Palombe back into the pan and added some shallots and some Bourru - an unfermented wine which our friends with vines bring us at this time of the year. We've a lot of it and it doesn't keep, so in it went.

I scraped everything that was stuck to the pan then when it was bubbling turned the gas right down and after about an hour we had a lovely meal with some left over for lunch the next day. We had that cold with chutney and good bread and the dogs got the bones well boiled in water in their kibble in the evening.


baringapark said...


Mousie/Paisible said...

a pity we can't have the smell...makes me feel hungry !

detroit dog said...

what is the english meaning of "chez nous"? (thanks!)

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

The Palombe were lovely. We were given two more this evening and I might put them in a jar and sterilise them for keeping in the winter.

Detroit Dog, Hi !

Chez nous is "at our house".

I speak French all day and every day and it's inevitable that some French expressions creep into my vocabulary. I'm a bit naughty putting French words in the blog from time to time but I really like that one. :-)

Chez toi is as your house
Chez moi is at my house
Chez eux is at their house

detroit dog said...

Very cool, thank you! I speak Spanish, but haven't used it yet in my blog, I think, except for a few words here and there. You must post something about the Mexican delicacy you made with the corn fungus.

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