4 November 2007

Me at Home Farm with one of our rabbits and a red bra

I've just been looking through some old photographs of rabbits, keeping my mind off the bigger issues around me and simply amusing myself classifying my life.

I've had a lovely day planting bulbs, watering the cuttings and newly planted bits and bobs and helping Max herd round our new geese. We got eight mature layers for 24€ and we'll make sure their last days are happy ones.

We've kept them inside their pen (my toolshed comes in handy again!) for two days and I let them out this morning for the first time - alone. Fabrice left early to hunt deer and on hunting Sundays, I do whatever I want - which is exactly what I do most of the time to be honest.

Normally, we manage new stock together because animals are often confused and stressed coming to a new place and it's easier and safer if there are two of us. Frankly, I felt sorry for the geese, so I opened the door, Max panicked when a goose attacked him and within seconds they headed straight into the pond. They must have read my mind.

These geese have never seen a pond before and they were in a terrible state - but after spending almost all morning in the pond splashing and cleaning themselves, they looked great outside in the field - but I forgot to take my camera...

Rabbits - I used to keep rabbits.

I had about forty or so at one point - too many really, but they are easy to breed but really like to be clean and you have to manage the males and move them around a lot, but if you've enough food for them it's well worthwhile.

One summer it was really hot and over a period of about a month all of them died. I was heartbroken.


detroit dog said...

I love rabbits. All animals really. Rabbits still run wild around here, I'm glad, for an urban area. I tease my husband that I want a goat and a duck. (sigh) We are thinking of moving to a more rural area within a couple of years; we'd want a couple of acres and perhaps then I can have my animals. Our lot is 44' x 100' - with house, garage, maple and fir. My only gardening space is behind the garage (rest of yard too shady). Well....

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

I love animals too - but you know that !!

It's a shame you're not nearer, I'd like to share our farm with more people - you could feed a lot of folk from our land and we could keep more animals if we had the time. We already have two other families who share our cabin garden and so far it's working out well.

Is there no allotment system where you live ?

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