2 November 2007

Knitting socks with wool from our goats on a single bed knitting machine

This is a pattern for a size 5 (38) pair of socks made on a Singer Chunky machine. They can also be made on a Bond or a Superba machine. They take about an hour to make - with no interruptions.

Starting angora socks on the machineKnit 60 sts in rib either by hand or on a ribber machine.
Knit both socks at the same time

Put 36 of the stitches from each rib onto a chunky machine folding the rest over as in the photo
Tension 5 knit enough rows to cover a foot and an ankle
Tension 6 add reinforcing yarn - cotton or acrylic

Angora socksKnit two rows
Push one outside needle out on each side and knit back and forth
Repeat until you've pushed in six needles on each side

One by one, start pushing the needles back in again knitting back and forth before pushing in the next one.

Angora socksRepeat until you've all the needles back in place.
Knit 38 rows
Then repeat the same process, but this time for only five needles

Then turn your tension to 2 and knit two rows
Turn your tension up each two rows until it’s back to 6
Knit enough to match the rest of the rib

Turn the work round (for a really professional finish)

Put the rest of the rib on.
Do one row at tension 12 then cast off.
Knit up the edges of the socks by hand.

Really comfortable and hard-wearing angora socks from hardworkinghippy in France
Here's the finished sock, brushed to bring out the soft hairs of the angora wool on the inside. (Toe wriggling becomes something approaching heaven!)

I also brush on the top part for boot socks because it looks nice and keeps your ankles warm.


detroit dog said...

I am envious. How did you learn to do all these things? (And still have time to blog?) Do you sell/ship to the U.S.?

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi there!

I don't have time to blog as much as I'd like to be honest. This blog was supposed to be a trial run for making a website - which is still hovering somewhere in cyberspace and I haven't looked at it for ages.

I save time by not going shopping very often, and I hardly ever do housework, I've no iron, no vacuum cleaner... :-)

Socks - yes, I send a lot of socks to the USA !

montana woolen mill said...

Hello from Kalispell, Montana! Your friend, Jean Acquino shared your site with us. What a beautiful place with all your flowers and vines! We have "Going to the Sun Fiber Mill" and have knitted flat socks on the knitting machine, but how do you "knit the sides up" and what do you mean by "turning" the sock? Your socks are wonderful!

Pumpkin~Power said...

These look so soft and comfy. You are very talented. I would love a pair. Do you sell them at all? If so how can buy some? They are just what my feet need in this cold wet English weather!


Kelinci said...

Thanks for information I enjoyed reading.

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