3 November 2007

Some of the shelters we've built for our animals - with slideshow

This show takes a little while to load, but it's a nice way to show you some of the animal shelters we've built over the past few years.

We both love building small projects like this and we're very lucky to have all the wood we need on site, so sheds don't cost a lot - perhaps a favour for some old chicken netting from a neighbour and some hard cash for nails, screws, roofing and guttering.

Where there's a shed there's compost and at the end of each slope we put a gutter to catch water which we use for the animals and for the plants nearby. So around each shed there's potential to use these resources without having to move them too far and the areas around the sheds become very rich and fertile. The chickens clean up wonderfully around the sheds and people don't really believe me when I say hardly ever need to weed - but it's true.

You can change the speed of the slideshow on the top of the screen...

I can hardly wait until a shed's finished to start planting round it. Climbers are lovely to soften the edges of sheds and they also provide useful shade for the animals and shelter and nests for the wildlife around. They are also very beautiful and the perfume from the Star Jasmine on the West side of the chicken shed has to be the most wonderful reason ever for digging a hole and putting a plant in it.


Azura Skye said...

How beautiful!
The colours are stunning, and nothing looks bare.
I love autumn - my favourite time of year!

take care x

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Yes, the leaves seem to be clinging on to the plants for a long time this year.

I love Autumn colours, but you can't beat Spring for that air of excitement...!

detroit dog said...

very nice and considerate. i always love to see your photos & videos. you could sell your photos for stock.

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