13 December 2007

More lighting info - now that the dark nights are really on their way.

I put a new 7 watt compact fluo in the clock lamp. The comparison between this and the LED is incredible.

I'll use the LED somewhere else, probably outside. I like this lamp very much. It's such a nice colour and the fluo really lights up the area around the lamp instead of just glowing in the dark like a LED.


detroit dog said...

I hope you and Fabrice and the animals have had good holidays. Best wishes....

Breezy said...

What a cosy scene. Happy New Year to you and Fabrice

devolutionary said...

I have come across your wonderful advice on various forums and have only just started to read through the wealth of info on your blog.
Was wondering if you know of any traditional breed piglets for sale?
We're looking for a couple of weaners to get us started with pig keeping on our new smallholding.
our e-mail is ecovallee.com and my partners blog is http://thedevolutionary.blogspot.com/
look forward to hearing from you

Robbyn said...

What a beautiful and informative blog...I'm so glad I found you! In scrolling through your many photos, I am curious about many things. Did you post anything about the process of how you made your homemade floor tiles, and how you painted your walls (is it paint or colored plaster?? how did you mix the colors...beautiful!)

So many questions...are your chickens standard sized, or all bantams?

My husband is next in line to read through your blog posts :)

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi Detroitdog and Breezy, good wishes for 2008 to you too !

Devolutionary, I'm so glad you've met Marlene, they have the father of our fist pigs who you may have met at their place "Winston". I hope you and your new piggies get on well and you really enjoy them. :-)

There are lots of photos of the tiles in Flickr.


Here's the recipe : http://www.flickr.com/photos/hardworkinghippy/299430354/in/set-1313215/

The walls are first of all painted with a water-based paint then I sponged them with different coloured natural stains.

I have other lots of other photos which I haven't put on the 'net yet, but I'm slowly adding them when I get a bit of free time. Once I've done that, I'll do more "how to's" and post them in the blog.

12vman said...

Hello Hippy..
Been looking for you! How ya been..?

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