21 February 2008

Our warm Mud Room and the winter light

This is one of my favourite photographs of our "mud room" taken about three years ago about this same time of year. The winter light comes right in and it's so cheering and warm during the day when you're working inside - sometimes it even encourages me to tidy up !

The mud room's where we hang our coats and boots. It's behind the fireplace and the hot water cylinder is in there, so it's lovely and warm. I also use that space for drying clothes to keep them out of the way - I don't like having wet washing hanging all over the place and we often just take things straight off the line and they're warmish when you put them on.

One of our cats GriGri loves sleeping here in the heat of the sun.

The little box in the top middle of the photograph has three solar controllers and the distribution box for our wind and solar system in it, the batteries are at the back in another room safely out of the way.


Cheryl said...

I love the light in your mud room, It looks so warm and inviting. I'd probably spend my winter days there next to GriGri!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Irene.............I can read it! Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I will go and add you to my blogroll you little tinker!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...


He does look very comfortable doesn't he? :-)

Hello Mrs Nesbitt, you mean you couldn't read it before ???


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