19 March 2008

Roof work in progress

Roof work in progress, première mise en ligne par hardworkinghippy.

The weather's been playing havoc with our building progress. The wind's very strong and it's been raining on and off for a few weeks. The other problem that we have is that Fabrice is doing a lot of this work on his own. We normally work together, but I just hate heights and although I can pass things up to him from below I'm just not confident when I'm up a ladder or even standing on the interior scaffolding. I'm really ashamed of myself, and I have tried, but I just become all shaky and my co-ordination doesn't work properly if I'm higher than about 3 metres.

Once the side of the front part of the roof is done, we'll floor the "tower" part and work from the inside and then I'll be able to pass the bricks to Fabrice.
This mock-up gives you an idea of how the extension will look when it's finished.

We used the roofing sheets instead of the traditional method of under and over canal tiles because this enables us to cover the roof quickly and we can work inside when it's raining. There's no battening, no underfelt and not too much moving around on the roof. We're going to put a lot of insulation up there and we want to make absolutely sure that we have no leaks and as we're going to use second-hand tiles because they look much nicer that really is a very important consideration.

The "tile-effect from a distance" sheets were slightly more expensive than the normal red ones, but it might be while before we cover with tiles, and these are easier on the eye if we're going to have to live with it for a while.


julia said...

I am just a stray visitor. Noticed you are off grid, a solar powered blog? I am about to try solar panels for my blog but we still live in the city and use the panels when we visit our land out of town. You do all the things I am interested in. Funnily I was going to mention the movement Earth Hour, but as you are off grid,it is not appropriate. There is a site www.earthhour.org about turning lights off globally on 29 March.

Val Grainger said...

Looking great! I too am hopless up ladders etc! Even hate driving over high bridges!!!
I get all shaky and weird....! Pete never can quite understand as being a tree surgeon he finds anyone who has a problem with heights odd!!!

Val x

Riana Lagarde said...

Heights are too much for me! I was on the scaffolding painting our house (and pregnant) and just about fell from vertigo. But we might need to know more about roofing with second hand tiles when we get a ruin to fix up. I'll probably bug you with lots of questions... wish i could send my husband over to your place for a 'stage' to learn how!!


La Ferme de Sourrou said...

I wish you could too Riana !

Strange thing vertigo...

Thanks Val - it's taking ages and I just can't wait to get more space for my fleeces and wool and knitting machines - but I'm sure you know that felling !

Richard Boles said...

In roofing job, the height really matters especially when the roofer is acrophobic. But in your case, I wish you just passed the job to the professional roofers. That way, you won't have to worry about your safety. Anyway, the mock-up literally fooled me. Haha!

Richard Boles

Eulalia Symonds said...

I agree with Richard, just let professional roofers fix your roof. This is the easiest and safest way to get your roof done. Also, it is not easy to do any roof repairs, especially if you're not a roofer. Convenience, safety and quality work - that's what professional roofers can provide.

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