11 April 2008

...those Artichokes weren't there yesterday !

Hmm, they weren't there yesterday

These Globe Artichoke off-sets are in front of a Virginia Creeper and Honeysuckle hedge which will provide a dark background for the Artichokes which I'm going to leave to flower. I cut back the hedge a few days ago to keep it under control and I'm sure the chickens are a bit put out by the changes!

As well as starting to plant out the vegetable plot, I've been clearing up the garden and Fabrice has been helping by cutting down a few trees which were past their best or taking up space between nicer trees. Two of our pals came over to give us a hand cutting and pulling out the roots of brambles - and they left with a lot of cuttings and lots of scratches!

This tree was straggly and next to a huge compost heap which was too rich for it's roots and it had become diseased. Next to it are two Twisted Willows and the parting of the tree now means that the Willows (which I stuck into the ground as cuttings about five years ago) can now be seen from a distance coming into young adulthood.

I've cleared away all the weeds and brambles from under the Willows and given them a good layer of mulch and the chickens will keep the area weed-free until I'm ready to put in some suitable ground cover.

I brought these Tulips back from the UK and they're such a wonderful colour - I do hope they like it in this spot and flower like this every year !

Pinkish orangy tulips that I'm so glad I planted, originally uploaded by hardworkinghippy.


Amy said...

Those tulips certainly are beautiful. I have a few coming up, too, but the rabbits are eating them.

detroit dog said...

Funny how surprised the chickens look!

Wonderful to see your garden coming in already.

BTW, loved the sweater in your previous post, and the way it was dyed.

Razor Family Farms said...

Oh! I just love your blog! I visit often but rarely comment. Those pictures just look like pure heaven. The tulips are fantastic -- impossibly cheerful blooms and stunning colors. The chickens are lovely. Isn't it amazing how much personality shows through the photos? I love to photograph our chickens for that very reason.

Blessings to you!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Amy, we don't have a lot of rabbits here but we do have deer who nibble on the roses - so far they've avoided the tulips.

Detroit Dog,

They really do look surprised don't they ! The sweater's now Fabrice's favourite. I'm really pleased with the mottled effect dye dipping gave to the yarn.


Your blog's great too !!

Don said...

I followed Amy here from her post and am sure glad I did. I have been reading through many of your past posts and am afraid that I am going to be here for a while! What you are doing is very interesting and appealing to me. I'll be back

mrsnesbitt said...

Tulips...a little part of UK tucked away in your garden. I planted some last year, lovely to see them emerging just now.

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