12 June 2008

Soft fruit and wet weather

Another shot of the chickens with chicks and the Clematis
This photograph was taken on Sunday - a day which started off sunny and warm then it got warmer and stickier then came another thundery storm with heavy rain. This has been the pattern for the last ten days, so using the internet is a bit risky - one of the reasons I've not been blogging much.

I'm knitting a lot for pleasure, a cardigan for Fabrice, a jumper for me, and to replenish summer stock - mostly lightweight shawls and socks and I've finally sorted out my wool stash which needs a bit more colour, so I'll be gathering and ordering dyes soon. In between showers, I pop into the garden see what's happening, cut a few flowers (mostly roses) for the house, feed the chicks and have a look to see how our ladies are doing who are sitting on eggs. One gosling hatched this morning and there are two more goose eggs still to go - all under a little brown hen who's been doing a grand job of shuffling them around for a month.

The nine goat kids are charming but it's such a shame the weather's so bad for them. It's time-consuming feeding hay, changing water, keeping the kids in when the adults go out if the grass is too wet, taking them out when it's dry enough and generally making sure that they don't get upset tummies now that they've started to eat for themselves. We spend a lot of time playing with them and neighbours' children come and help us to bottle feed our two little ones in the afternoon - so the time just seems to fly by at the moment.

I've decided to wait until the ground warms up more to plant out the rest of my summer vegetables - the tomatoes and aubergines I put out a few weeks ago haven't budged. I've re-potted all the plants in our compost (Fortunately we've no shortage of that!) and they're doing well in the micro-climate of the terrace - which is now a temporary open-plan greenhouse.

Wild strawberry tartWe're really enjoying the wild strawberries which are popping up everywhere and we've been using them to add to eau de vie and making tarts and just eating them straight from the plant freshly washed by the rain. They taste wonderful and because they're in lots of different areas - some shady, some sunny - the season looks as though it will be a long one this year.

Our raspberries are starting to taste a bit more like raspberries - the first ones were insipid and full of water, but they're now getting really ripe and I have to admit most of them never make it to the kitchen. I'll try to save enough make some jam - something I've never managed to do with my own raspberries because I've never had enough.

The rhubarb is enormous - I keep picking it but the plants never seems to diminish in size. I've still got loads of jars from last year, so I've been turning Bourrou housewives on to rhubarb crumble...


detroit dog said...

Hello! So that's where you've been. It's been pouring rain here, too, quite often. I've been very late putting in my garden and went on Saturday to pull the weeds. I realized it was a lush carpet of dandelions.(a good 40 sq. ft.) So - something I've never done before: I "harvested" a great deal and we've been having them with dinner and two of our neighbors have tried them and asked for seconds! So my crop was there all along. :-) I've heard that they eat dandelions in France? I'm not sure why we don't here; they are very nutritious. I love to read about your gardens.

Razor Family Farms said...

It's been a while since I've wandered over and boy have I missed out! What wonderful posts and pictures!

So beautiful!

Blessings to you!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Thanks Lacy - the place is so photogenic at the moment, everything is growing like mad !

Hi Detroit dog !!

Dandelions are a common salad here people still have their favourite secret patches where they taste sweetest.

I like the attitude you've taken about your crop being there all along! It's a bit like not seeing the wood for the trees...

...with 40²feet you've even got enough to make wine !

Pura said...

Thanks for your visit to my little www place. Yours is wonderful and a good source to come to learn about self-sufficiency.
Your pictures are great and the one with your dog-max and little lambs is so cute.

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