23 June 2008

This has been a great week for snake spotting !

We've found several shedded skins around the back of the house and there have been a lot of very lethargic snakes lying around sunning themselves, so I've taken the opportunity to get some photos and especially close-ups of their heads and eyes.

I like having snakes around the house and take it as quite a compliment that they finds our gardens a suitable environment in which to settle.

Snakes make me jump a bit sometimes if I see one unexpectedly but it's exciting to see them moving off rapidly when they feel you approaching. The farmers around here say that if you have couleuvres then you won't get vipers and that suits me just fine.

All the snakes shown in these photographs are non-venomous and will not harm children or pets. They eat mice, eggs, rats, flies, lizards, frogs and other amphibians, they're fascinating to have around and help sustain the balance of nature.

For more information on snakes in this blog, click the snakes link at the bottom of the post. For more information on snakes in France, this Planete Passion site is excellent.


Eco-Gites of Lenault said...

The boys saw a snake at school a couple of days ago - much to the fasination of all the children apparently (as opposed to what would probably have been mass hysetria in an English school playground!)

rhonda jean said...

I didn't know there were snakes in France. How lovely to have non-venomous snakes in your back yard. Do you have problems with them taking the chicken eggs?

I love the photo of the little kid, and your chicken photo down below is very charming. Thank yu for sharing them.

Annie said...

You take the best pictures! I love that first shot of the snake skin. My daughter was so surprised that that was merely the skin and no snake. I've never seen a snake skin so intact before.

We all really enjoy your blog!

Robbyn said...

They are beautiful...I just usually get caught by surprise at the Startle factor :)

I left you an award on my last blog post....I so enjoy your blog!


Exam house said...

I liked that snake skin in the picture.I have a believe that having some part of snake skin with you ,works as a lucky charm .

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