7 August 2008

A hot August day in the shady woods with the goats...

It's very hot here and we give three of our kids a bottle of milk every afternoon so we have a good excuse to take the dogs down into the cool woods and have a good look at the goats, play with them and generally sit around appreciating the peacefulness around us.

I took my camera, a little Sony Cybershot, to take a few snaps. I erased most of them because they were too dark and the ones taken with flash were harsh and boring but I could almost see a little goat in this photo and decided to keep it.

When I put it into my computer I lightened it with Picasa and hey presto, this is a shot which I'm pleased with and think really captures the sweet Angora kid expression and the beauty of the sunlight in the woods.


detroit dog said...

He's so cute!

Wonderful photography, as always.

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Yep, he's cute all right ! :-)

It's really difficult not to be attracted to cuteness isn't it? I guess nature knew what she was doing when she decided to make the young of all animals so bloomin' pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so cute

I have been lurking for a while but had to post when i saw the photos

Do you sell the wool or just use for yourselves is it as soft as it looks?


La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hello Sharon,

Yes it's as soft as it looks and yes we sell the wool - that's our main income from the farm.


Sophia said...

That photo looks like a masterpiece painting. I expect to see a faery perched on a branch. Beautiful! I just found your blog through down-to-earth. You are living my dream. Beautiful life. I will visit often.

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Thanks Sophia,

This is one of my best photos ever and it's exactly how I saw him in the woods. I wish I could remember the settings for the camera!

Pop in anytime,:-)


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