13 January 2008

First post of the New Year !!

We've been spending a lot of time with friends and neighbours - accepting invitations for a change and enjoying our new found freedom to go and visit people now that we don't have the task of taking care of Fabrice's uncle Guy on a daily basis.

Our thoughts are honing in more and more to the fact that crude oil hit that magic 100 dollar figure and public knowledge of Peak Oil is becoming more mainstream. Very few government representatives are calling it "Peak Oil" of course, but carefully selected words, proposed investments in renewables and nuclear energy and the mad rush to find the perfect car that runs on nothing are not going to change the perfume of this particular rose.

This graph was taken from Paul Cherfurka's site Peak Oil, Climate Chaos and the World Problematique

I chose it because it shows in all its graphic detail what many specialists and Oil companies have come to believe, that the end of the oil age has finally begun.

Have a look at THIS link for more information and many valuable links on the subject of oil depletion.

Some people think that we'll never run out of oil. Some say it will happen gradually, some say that we'll have the technology to replace oil with other forms of energy, some feel that it's a problem for governments to attend to and it's not their concern, some have decided to do something about reducing their energy needs and I suppose that's where us and a lot of our neighbours and friends are right now.

I should be pleased that leaving London to come and start a new life here in France finally seems like a bloomin' great idea, but my saying "I told you so" is cold comfort and frankly, like most other "Peak aware" people that I know, I'm scared about what the next few years will bring.

Meanwhile, here in France our new president has had a vast number of things to do at the start of his first term in office. To his credit, he has been present within hours at many hotspots of social unrest and has made radical, immediate and newsworthy changes.

To the delight of the media he has decided to be open and frank about his new relationship with Carla Bruni. Coincidently his ex-wife has also decided to be open and frank about her relationship with him. He has entertained Colonel Kadhafi and the UK's socialist ex-prime minister Mr Blair - who in turn has declared his undying respect for M. Sarkozy. All this romance and diplomatic activity in such a short time obviously indicates that life in France will be very exciting over the next few months. We may even have a wedding to look forward to!

Now, avid readers, listeners and viewers looking for information about how France will be run have enough exciting celebrity gossip (and some great photographs!) to keep them entertained for hours.

Inevitably, there are still people who are harping on about how and when M. Sarkozy will increase their spending power and a few, like me, who are patiently waiting for a public announcement of a radical plan to tackle energy shortages.

These issues are probably being handled right now by a steering group of behind-the-scene experts in the government who are working day and night, planning, researching, developing, finding finance and other resources to handle all the associated problems.

So really, I should stop sitting here blethering and get outside and get on with cleaning up the veg plot while the rain's off...