22 February 2009

New piglets to replace the little one we lost and keep Peggy company.

We bought two little weaners from a local breeder on Friday to keep our Peggy company. We lost her companion, probably to a heart attack poor thing. The new piglets have a bit of Berkshire, a bit of Gloucester Old Spot, a bit of Saddleback and a bit of Gascon in them. :-)

When we brought them home the plan was to put them into a separate park next to Peggy's and let them get to know each other gradually. We've tried to mix adult pigs together before and they fought so badly that we finally had to separate them.

The park wasn't ready when we got back and we had a lot of guests so we decided just to put all of the pigs in together, all go into the park and kept our eyes open for trouble and react accordingly. There was the odd scuffle and bit of fake and not so fake aggression. Peggy has her mouth cut and the little spotty pig had her leg bitten but they settled down to feed quietly and started digging up the ground together, so we left them for a while, coming back to check on them every so often.

There were no more major aggression problems and all three of them slept together (little one on the middle) in the shed and they had a very long lie in on Saturday morning.


detroit dog said...

They are so sweet!

Michelle said...

We are soon to embark upon pig rearing....so exciting :) What type of fencing do you use to keep your pigs contained? And how old are they when you slaughter?

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi Michelle, how exciting!

We use sheep netting with a low row of electric wire and that does the job well as long as the battery's kept well topped up - see the posing about solar fences:


We normally slaughter at a year but we've also slaughtered at three years and the meat and hams were superbe.

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