23 February 2009

Overwintering Stevia - this one is doing well but its neighbours look pretty gone

I took a lot of cuttings of Stevia last year and gave most of them away. I like giving away cuttings, not only to give other people plants but in the hope that if anything ever happens to mine, some of my friends would be able to give me back cuttings from their plants.

According to everything I've read whilst trying to find out how to save my Stevia over winter, Stevia is extremely difficult to overwinter but I decided to try with five well rooted cuttings. I put them in the little space where I do my knitting next to some French windows to give them enough light and watered them rarely and checked up on them almost daily. I moved the first one to look as though it was struggling into a warmer area but it never recovered. The next one I moved outside as the weather wasn't too cold and it looks as though it's died too. The three remaining plants are still next to the window and I'm hoping that the healthy one will live long enough to be the mother plant for more cuttings for this year.

I haven't thrown the others out because Stevia often regenerates. I had a plant that looked dead last summer but regrew from the base and continued to flourish once it was watered regularly. Perhaps there's a chance that the "dead" plants will regrow once the heat comes back into the air and the days get longer. For the time being I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing happens to it until I can take a few cuttings and put it outside to grow on in a bigger pot.


detroit dog said...

Mine didn't make it through the winter, either.

I think late next month I can start planting beets!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Sugar beets! :-)

I hope this one will be OK.

All of the friends I gave cuttings to have lost theirs too so all being well, I'll be doing lots of cuttings this year!

Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

selmo said...

to known much about the HIERBA DULCE(stevia r) see the web Goliath.ecnext.com2/gi0199-7541676/Evaluacion de metodos de propagacion html.
in any case you need heated place to overwinter in France la hierba dulce as I DO in north Spain.Bonne chance

Tamara said...

Good luck in your steavia endeavors. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions to offer, we don't have the same issues here in northern NSW, Aust. I've just found your blog, and hope to visit more often. Love France, Love organic Gardening, Love the sustainable and environmental choices you guys have made. Hope to keep in touch. a la prochaine!

Garage Door Repair said...

Great post..I like it Thank you

Sabin said...

Dear Miss Hardworking hippy!!!

It's a great pleasure for me to let you know that the lovely stevia you sent me so carefully wrapped is in pretty good shape!!!!!.
I hope you are well, this year I'm so busy-lazy to write , lots of projects and new ideas in mind....Loads of kisses and a tsunami of love to you and yours haha!!!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Paul, Selmo, Tamara, Garage, thanks for your comments!


How are you - lovely to hear from you!

Have you been "permaculturing" a lot since the course? It's good news that your plant is doing well, if I ever lose mine I'll know where to get a cutting. ;-).

Love from me too, Irene xxx

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