20 February 2009

Promising new cockerel Feb 2009

Promising new cockerel Feb 2009, première mise en ligne par hardworkinghippy.

He came here as a gift egg and for a bit of genetic engineering, we slipped him under a sitting hen who became his doting mum.

I've been thinking for the past two months that he was a really big hen, then about a week ago I saw him in a new light. :-)

This is his first girlfriend - one of my favourite hens :

The big brown chicken only hatched one chick

I'll be keeping my eye on this cockerel because he's huge and such a lovely colour.

I must be going through my orange phase at the moment. ;-)


dND said...

He's beautiful, as is the hen. do you know what type she is?


detroit dog said...

They are both beauties.

What is it about the hen that makes her a favourite of yours?

Julie said...

That picture of your favourite hen would make a fabulous painting
Shucks, now I'm missing my neighbour's feathered friends in France and remembering the pleasure of snatching eggs from under the angry gaze of Lumpy the gander

MrsL said...

He's very handsome. :)



La Ferme de Sourrou said...

"What is it about the hen that makes her a favourite of yours?"

She's a beautiful colour, very chunky and holds herself well. She's not young but she's never had any problems with a dirty bum and her feet are clean and in good condition.

She doesn't lay in the same place for more than three or four days and she's not a great sitter but once she has chicks she's a good mother and her chicks almost all reach adulthood.

HL said...

Another fine big cock Irene. Absolutely gorgeous - I still haven't got around to painting t'other one yet, but this summer.....maybe......


Kanisha said...

I was just thinking how beautifully clean and tidy your hen looks before I read your comment, she is a beauty. He is stunning a real red rooster.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

As our chicks grow, we're often not sure what they'll turn out to be. We look at tail feathers, comb and what I irreverently call "face bollocks" (wattles) for clues as they grow up.

They say the art of good comedy is all in the timing: one day, we were discussing our latest group of developing youngsters and had just come to the conclusion that one of our growing adolescents was definitely a hen when, impressively on cue ... s/he cock-a-doodled-doo.

Ah, that u'd be another cock then!

Tamara said...

A handsome one he is indeed. Enjoy the orange phase! (has that got something to do with passion?) May he bring you all the good luck for the season.

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