25 April 2009

How to post photos in a forum from Flickr

People are always asking this question and it's a shame to miss out the fun in a forum if you don't know how to post a photo. I'm no expert but since it's raining today and I've already typed out the text for a thread in Downsizer I thought I may as well change it into a post in my blog in the hope that it's useful to somebody.

How to post photos in a forum from Flickr

Go to Flickr, click on your photos and choose the photo you want

Click on all sizes (that's the spy glass at the top) then choose the size you want.
There are two sets of code under the photo.
The first lot of code is a clickable photo that leads back to the original photo - very useful if you've a site or blog.
The second is the URL that you can use for a forum as long as you use the IMGs outside the photo - that's one of the clickable buttons up at the right in the forum posting box.

Mouse over the box for the kind of code you want and the code should change colour. On your computer click control and c to copy then control and v together to paste the code where you want it.

In some browsers you can also right click the mouse on any photo on the 'net and copy the address of the image. That's the photo URL or address which goes between the set of IMGs and doing it this way makes life very easy.

If you want to follow a tutorial in the France Forum about this subject click on THIS link.

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