5 June 2009

More raised beds and the chicken shed is completely covered in perfumed climbers

We're making more space for food growing - there are too many flowers in the veg plot !

The perfume from the Star Jasmine around the Chicken shed is really glorious and as there's a bit of shade, it's a nice place to work in the heat we've had this week.

At the moment, the wild honeysuckle is all over the place and the Foxgloves are in full flower. There are chicks everywhere and as you walk further down under the shade of the Chestnut trees, you can hear the pigs grunting, thinking that there's sure to be something nice to eat on it's way. They've eaten well this week - all the brambles and weeds have been thrown over to them. Their favourite munch so far is Milk Thistle aka Pig Leaf! I've cleared this patch, made an instant fence with hemp string and Honeysuckle and planted a few more courgettes. I had a few Rose cuttings and some Cannas and I've popped them in here too to give a bit of colour. The earth is lovely because I mulched last year and at the top we had a huge compost heap.

The new compost heap will be further up towards the house and little by little we'll open up this little part of the wood without too much damage to the trees and insects.


jaz said...

your place is awesome! those chicks and piggies are very lucky!

perm fest said...

hi, I am a friend of Anne Deschamps who came to see you, I stay in Beauchamp (Montpeyroux) these days, could I come to see you one day ?
where are you exactly ?

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