12 June 2009

We're between solar panels so we're using a rocket stove to get hot water

We've taken away the old solar panels to redo the back terrace and intend to buy new vacuum tube solar panels very soon - well as soon as we have a roof to put them on!

In the meantime with five of us in the house we need hot water and although we just have to light the fire to heat the cauldron which heats the hot water, the fireplace is designed to retain heat so the house stays too warm for too long afterwards.

So we made a new rocket stove from an old bucket and a few tin cans, put it directly under the cauldron and it does the job perfectly. This isn't a very efficient design for a rocket stove but the bucket already had a hole in it so we used it.

Here's a little video by a guy called Vavrek which shows how to build these efficient twig-powered cooking stoves from scratch.


Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I'd be very interested to know who your solar panel supplier was - they are on our to do list.

Rosie x

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi Rosie, sorry it took me ages to answer. I could say I've been busy but if you've read my latest post you'll know I've just been playing with the pups !

I bought the last lot of solar panels in the UK from Sunharvester - but that was about 30 years ago !

I haven't decided yet about the new ones whether to buy and install them ourselves or to get someone else to do it and get the 40% credit d'impo rebate.

Whatever we choose will need a photovoltaic panel for a small 12v pump because we want to put the new ones on the roof so we won't have hydrosyphon as we do now.

Energiedouce has a complete system with PV and a pump - I've bought things before from them and the price and service is good.

Irene x

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Here's a link to the kit I'm talking about :


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