21 July 2009

Thanks !

Thanks to all of you who commented in the blog or contacted me personally about the wasp incident.

I'm fine now and it's almost business as usual except that I'm a bit more careful about getting stung. We've also decided to destroy wasp nests near the house - something we don't like doing but it makes me feel a lot happier.


jaz said...

another reason the blog world is wonderful. it gets information out. i canned peaches all day and i think i would rather be stung by wasps!

MrsL said...

Needs must.

Glad you're better. Love the doggy photo!



Rick said...

Glad to hear you are doing better. Hope you got that epi-pen and some Benadryl. Now keep it close but don't let the incident chase you inside. Can't let the wasps win.

purejuice said...

darling doggies, are they bilingual?? glad to think you're better.

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