2 October 2009

Using Quinori - and a recipe I want to share

QuinoriIn the summer there's so much to eat that we really are spoiled for choice.

Rather than eat heavy meals with meat I prefer not to cook the new peppers, sweet tomatoes and crunchy lettuce, shallots, new carrots, chives or whatever else I can find but eat them raw tossed in vinaigrette and a little salt.

From the middle of summer until the start of the hunting season we tend to eat mainly vegetarian food. It seems to fit in with the rhythm of the seasons when the body doesn't need so much protein and the sun goes with every meal eaten outdoors.

Once Autumn comes, it's good to have recipes which use garden vegetables but perhaps we need the addition of pulses - a little bit more protein to help prepare us for winter. I'm not one for recipes, tending to just make up as I go along or use tried and tested recipes with variations according to the ingredients we have - but this is worth passing on.

I saw this packet in our local bio shop in Villamblard and although it's a bit more expensive (3.15€ for 500g) that plain quinoa it has chick peas, rice and sesame seeds in it too. I'd spent a long time talking to the owner of the shop and wanted to buy a bit more than I had, so I though I'd try it. This dish takes about 25 minutes preparation then another few minutes under the grill.
Vegetables from the garden
Stir-fry the veg, adding them to the pan in this order:
Two small carrots
1 Aubergine
2 small courgettes
small chunk of fresh ginger sliced finely
2 long small sweet peppers
1 small onion
A few cashew nuts is nice too and crushed garlic can be added and stirred in after the cooking process is finished

I used about 70g of Quinori and cooked it in water for about 7 minutes then drained it and put it at the bottom of a fire-proof dish.

While everything is still piping hot, slide the veg on top of the quinoa, dribble a couple of beaten eggs into the dish then place a few tomatoes cut in half. Top it off by sprinkling some grated cheese and a big pinch of herbes de Provence and put the dish under the grill.

Dish made with Quinori and mixed vegetablesQuick, cheap and cheerful dishes like this are useful and this was one of the best we've had. I think what makes this dish special is to not overcook the vegetables - especially the carrots and add each ingredient to a wok cooking on a fast heat.

I've since used a tiny amount Quinori with just aubergines and a few red peppers as a starter in small individual dishes and all our guests asked what it was that made the dish nutty, not too "bulky" and very tasty.

A small packet goes a very long way and should keep well, so that's another useful addition to the larder.


Mouse said...

Fantastic! Now I know what to do with the packet I bought in the bio store in St Brieuc! Merci bien

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

I thought of you ..... recently.


detroit dog said...

Looks delicious!

easy recipes said...

It look amazing, I'm going to buy the ingredients and try it.

Mouse said...

Thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate it
I am doing ok, really
Each day is a little easier and for that I am very grateful

But, your garden is beautiful and so inspiring!
I feel as if I have walked through a flower-strewn meadow whenever I drop by
Thank You
PS I don't pick your flowers

Angie Moore said...

I found something similar today in Carrefour - looking forward to experimenting tomorrow with our vegetarian woofers!


oh i like the layering idea...... nice....... and yes i totally agree with the diet following the seasons.....it does in our house and it is as it should be! Sounds delicious....you got me at the sliced ginger. :)

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