7 January 2010

Advantage of putting solar panels where you can clean the snow off them

I'm so glad we put these panels up here where I can manoeuvre the floor brush out of the window to give them the once over.


Tommo said...

Good thinking!

Jane and Amanda said...

We agree, very smart thinking!

We are a family of two parents and two grown up kids (40 and 34) who have come back to live in Lot et Garonne after having lived here in the 70's. We had to go back to the UK but are totally blissed out to be back. We have been back here for three years now but only moved into our little farm (the house burned down 10 years ago so 'technically' it wasn't really habitable but what the heck, right!) last May.

Our pipe (we only have one indoor cold water pipe) froze two weeks ago and yesterday it warmed up and we finally had running water again, YAY!!!! We resorted to washing in melted snow until (Duh!) we realised that we could break through the two/three inches of ice on the rain water trough! I know, we are clearly a little slow!!

We see on your blog that you are happy to welcome visitors to your farm if you have time and we were wondering if we could you could possibly spare some time to see us? We live about an hour from you so not far.

We would have contacted you direct however, we cannot find an email address or phone no anywhere on your site.

Look forward to hearing from you. Happy New Year!

With many best wishes,

Jane and Amanda

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

Hi Jane and Amanda,

Sorry to have missed this for ages...

Yes, come and visit but wait until the weather gets a bit better.

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

...ooops, pressed the button too soon !

My e-mail for the blog is :

bourrouinfo at aol.com

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