27 February 2010

For everyone who knows us - Christiane has finally found a new dog !

Fabrice's aunt Christiane is someone with special needs but she lives on her own and manages well with us close by to help her with her daily traumas.

She'd had a lovely dog called Rhapsy for as long as I've know her but unfortunately, Rhapsy died recently at the ripe old age of nineteen. She still has her other dog Titino who is almost eighteen and completely blind and Christiane realises that one day he'll die too. Getting another dog for her has been a priority for us for the past month and we've been ringing round animal refuges, looking at ads in the local papers and on the internet and presenting her with canine options - none of which have been suitable.

Christiane loves our four Dachshunds and they are exactly the right kind of dog for her - small enough to be lifted up and cuddled, loyal, sociable and interesting and they tend not to wander off and don't need a tremendous amount of exercise. They are also good house dogs who prefer to live with someone who is around all day and they are good little watchdogs. For all of those reasons, Christiane decided that she wanted a Dachshund like ours.

We intend one day to breed from one or two of our Dachshunds but the little ones are only a year old and they're still far too young to have pups so we had a look on the 'net and there were no pups available from any of the breeders.

Christiane was becoming more and more impatient and just as we were beginning to despair, we were really lucky to find this little pup who's father is a Dachshund and her mother a small Spaniel. She looks very like a Dachshund and got a very warm welcome from our four when she was introduced to them yesterday !
She is a very lucky little dog to have Christiane to love her and I hope both of them have a wonderful long friendship together.


gz said...

She looks a very caring little hound.
A good choice

Cheryl said...

What a sweet little face, Christiane must be very happy!

detroit dog said...

Such a sweet l'il pup! Who could not love it? I'm sure they'll be happy together.

(BTW, I have a sister named Christiane.)

a.rogue said...

What a darling. She looks like such a lovable little thing!
congratulations on the wonderful find!

detroit dog said...

I've just read of the storms there this weekend. I hope you all are getting through it well. Take care.

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

We're OK thanks !

Lots of trees down and half of the village is without electricity. I've been picking up debris all day and repotting plants which had been blown away. Lots of small things broken but there's no serious damage - unlike some of our northern neighbours.

The wind kept us and the dogs up all night, it was very nerve-wracking and five lambs were born so at least we weren't up for nothing !

Liz J said...

Beautiful! Enjoy~

Tommo said...

What a belting little pooch. Adorable and gorgeous. Well done in finding the perfect pet for Christiane. I'm sure she'll be absolutely delighted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing *_*



DieGartenFrau said...

He looks so cute. I love Rauhhaar Dackel! I have been thinking of a Teckel for my next dog. But I am wondering how they get along with chickens? My Boxer (getting old now) is great with the chickens but now I am getting a bit older and having a bad shoulder I am looking for a smaller dog after him but I want one who will be good with the free running chickens.

What is your experience with that?

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

We've four teckels - all hunters.

I think as long as you're vigilant at first, you'll be fine.

We brought six new ducklings home once and were horrified when Bonnie killed four of them within a few seconds. Fabrice grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and shook her, saying "No!" and she left the two others alone.

We train ours not to kill anything that lives here and they are really very good and help to protect the hens from predators.

A hen with chicks is a good teacher for Teckel pups as she'll attack and peck them! :-)

su said...
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Jen B said...

Ohh gorgeous. I love your blog but please please please do not breed anymore puppies. The shelters are full to the brim, thousands of animals are being destroyed. I spend all of my free time doing TNR work and it breaks my heart to see a new litter of kittens and puppies born as much as I love them.

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