26 April 2010

Stevia rises from the dead - yippee !

This is the second year this Stevia plant has overwintered.

The leaves started dying a few weeks ago and I tried watering then not watering and eventually gave up; thinking that the plant was dead.

I had a look yesterday and there's new growth from the base of the plant which means; with a bit of luck, that I don't have to look for new Stevia plants this year.


edwina said...
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edwina said...

I saw the title for your post and had to visit. I have a series of posts i call --it lives! People who don't grow things can't possibly understand the excitement of seeing new growth--but I get it. Congratulations!

Rosie said...

Isn't it lovely when things survive the winter. We have a pomegranite beside the seat that we have coffee when we need sunshine not shade and it yesterday produced a tiny tiny shoot. Yay it lives!(Had to look up Stevia, what do you use it for?)

Diane said...

I have heard that stevia is not as sweet after the first year. Have you found this to be true? I am growing it for the first time this year and was planning to take cuttings to get through the winter, but if it will live on and stay sweet, all the better!

Nita said...

I've only been following your blog for short while now and wondered how cold is your winter there? Wondering if I can grow the stevia as a perennial also.
Thanks and you have a wonderful blog as well as beautiful home.

Like You but Different said...

So good to know it can overwinter! I'll try again...

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